Thursday, January 8, 2015


Welcome to Lit and Lunch!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to begin this, my first blogging adventure! Stay tuned for frequent updates!


My name is Jackie and I  live in a suburb of NYC called Westchester County. I teach Special Education (with a focus on English Language Arts) at a public high school in Harlem. I love to teach and can't imagine ever doing anything else. 

Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do and oftentimes people have difficulty shutting me up when it comes to discussing my favorite novels. I will read just about anything that crosses my lap, but definitely prefer fiction over non-fiction/biographies.
 Although my father and mother both work in non-literature heavy jobs (my dad is a butcher and my mother a bookkeeper), they are both active readers. I grew up with my mother reading horror and suspense novels in bed and my father reading histories and biographies while waiting for me to be let out of one of my many extra-curricular activities. My favorite genres? Fantasy and Sci-Fi. So, together my whole family could almost make up an entire library!

Just chillin' in Hyde Park, London

I am a HUGE Anglophile.  I studied abroad in London during college and have been trying to move back ever since! I love all things British; tea, Sunday roast, Harry Potter, Steven Fry, London blogs, hilarious sketch comedies, Doctor Who, royal families (past and present) and Corgis! And Accents! And Slang! I'd better stop there. I know there is tons more to British culture, but if I start now, I'll never stop!

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas USVI
Along the same lines, I caught the travel bug early and it is thriving in my system.  Every year I take a least one trip, but being on a teacher salary, they are not always very extravagant.  I tend to have champagne tastes on a beer budget.  While I would love to take multiple trips a year (and most years I,
luckily, do), it isn't always possible, and this is a heart breaking, almost physical pain. I love learning about other cultures and trying new ways of life. I love history and the feeling one gets from historical places. The feeling that you can almost sense all the other lives that have crossed that spot going back for centuries. It is amazing.

How cool is he?
My personal household consists of my boyfriend, who I will call P, and our furbabies: Lucky and Binx (both black cats) and Peggy, who we sometimes call Pig (our rescue beagle). Paul and I have been together for 7 years and our little family is quite comfortable and happy.  * I have to dig for a good picture of the cats, they move a lot!
The Pig on the couch


The main goal of this blog is to review restaurants I have been to in the NYC suburban area (I will also review NYC restaurants)  and current (and not so current) literature that I have read.  All my reviews will be honest, regardless of the situations under which they occurred. I can promise you this.
Hopefully, this blog will also turn into a lifestyle blog of sorts. If I come across a fun activity, interesting travel destination or piece of information I think you should know, I will definitely share.

Sorry for the text heavy post! They won't all be like this. 

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