Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wobble Cafe

I know, I know! Bad blogger! I haven't posted in almost a month, with no real good excuse besides the fact that life has been busy and I have been hibernating! Frigid temperatures in New York make it difficult for anyone to muster any motivation.

I have also started a new diet: The Ketogenic Diet.  It is a low carb, high fat diet in which your body enters Ketosis (not to be confused with Ketoacidosis - which is bad) and burns fat instead of calories. If you are intrigued I would suggest reading up on it here: A Beginners Guide to the Keto Diet. As such, I will be posting some awesome recipes for you all to try soon!

Now that I have given my excuses, I can get on with the intended restaurant review! The Wobble Cafe in Ossining, NY is a well know cute little spot. When my friend and her 18 month daughter wanted to meet up for lunch, we agreed on the super child friendly Wobble Cafe.

T and I are both teachers and we, luckily, had this week off, but she is an overachiever (!) and went in to do some test prep, so we met up at around 3pm for a late lunch.

The cafe was completely dead when we went in and it seemed like they were doing some sort of set up or remodeling towards the front, so we took a seat in the back next to the handy children's play area. Little L played while we got in some gossip and ordered our food.

Since I am doing my low - carb diet, and had already eaten an omelet that morning, I was somewhat sad looking at all the delicious sandwiches and paninis on the lunch menu. When I shared my dieting dilemma to the waitress, she pretty much told me they would make me whatever I wanted! That is amazing! That is what makes this place awesome, the fact that they feel like a local cafe where everything has a personal touch. They were also incredibly understanding when Little L's lunch ended up all over the table!
All this was only $8!

I ordered the turkey and brie panini, minus the bread and they even offered to put it over greens for me! Perfect! The brie was yummy, the turkey, while sliced like deli meat, didn't have that artificial taste of deli meat, and the greens were a perfect mix of different leaves, onions, radishes and tomatoes (with one large cucumber slice to boot!). In fact, there was so much salad on the plate, I wasn't able to finish it.
Orange finger paint. Right?

On the menu, they have a "Kids' and Small Bites" menu, which T and I thought was nice. Often times adults don't want a whole meal, but the kids' menu is off limits.  This allows us to get a PB&J every once in a while! T ordered Little L the cheese fondue! Sounds fancy, and to some degree, for a child, it was! The waitress brought out a bowl of nacho-esque cheese over a little candle (not lit) and a variety of dippers including: chicken fingers, pretzel sticks, french fries and veggies.

Little L went nuts for it! She starting out dipping in quite a refined matter before giving in to the cheese's spell and sticking her whole hand into the cheese, licking it off finger by finger! When she was full, she proceeded to let out her inner artist and finger paint the table top with the gooey orange stuff. The waitress, without even having to be asked, brought us over some wipes to clean Little L up and never once gave the slightest stink eye to the mess (which we did clean up!).

All in all, I would highly recommend Wobble Cafe (something locals would definitely agree with me on), especially, if you have children.  It was dead when we got there, but I can image the wonderful chaos of a Saturday morning, with parents sipping coffee as kids make new friends in the play area. Sounds perfect.

The Wobble Cafe
21 Campwoods Road, Ossining, NY 10562
(914) 762-3459

Wobble Website