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The Apiary - Larchmont
I lunched at the Apiary on January 2nd, 2015
Lovingly lifted from Apiary's Facebook page

One of the great things about being a teacher is the days off I get to recharge and explore the world around me.   The downside is that none of my closest friends are teachers, so when I’m off, they're working and vise versa. Today, the day after New Year’s Day, I was  lucky because my friend, Lauren, who works for some fancy schmancy company also had off. So, we did lunch!

Based off of some reviews from both Yelp! and The New York Times, we decided to try the newly opened Apiary located on Larchmont Avenue in Larchmont, NY. Parking is kind of iffy, especially with all the Larchmont “Yummy Mummies”, but if it’s a nice day out you can always pay to park in one of the public lots within walking distance.
Lovingly lifted for Apiary's Facebook page

Apiary’s motto is EAT, SERVE. LEARN. They offer meals you can take away or eat in their cute little shop, they will cater your events, and they even offer private cooking parties! How cute would that be for a birthday party or girls night in?  All their food is natural, and locally sourced, which, it being resolution season, is definitely a plus.

Now, a plethora of reviews told us to try the lobster roll. “It’s Amazing,” they said. Well, I am an idiot because when I got there and saw the Ham and Brie baguette with fig jam and mesculun greens it just called to me.  I’m a sucker for brie.  I can’t help it, soft cheeses are my weakness.
Half is already gone! Bad Blogger!

The sandwich was just OK.  The baguette was nice and crunchy and the brie room temperature and soft. The thing that killed it for me was the “fig jam”. I put that in quotes because it in no way resembled anything close to figs, or jam. It was a white cream with enough sweetness for it to me to wonder if there was a mistake.  I asked the woman behind the counter who assured me that this sweet cream was in fact fig jam. Ummm. OK.
I asked for some dijon mustard to balance the sweetness and it worked a treat. They should probably serve it that way, or swap out the fig cream for something a little less cloying.

I really liked the  corn and black bean salad that was served as a side to the sandwich, the sweet corn was perfectly balanced by the bitter kale shreds and I commented to my companion numerous times about how much I loved it!

Lauren got the Philly Cheesesteak, which was a special, and absolutely loved it.  I could see from the soft bun and cheese coated meat and onions that she definitely won menu roulette for this outing.

All in all, our trip to the Apiary was average. I would have preferred my sandwich to be less sweet, but will not give them a miss just because of it. Next time, I’m going for the lobster roll!

The Apiary
157 Larchmont Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10543


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