Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dark Places

Most people know Gillian Flynn from her bestselling work, Gone Girl (and its subsequent movie).  Recently, I have read her slightly lesser known work Dark Places, and really can only sum it up as being...intense.

This novel follows Libby Day and her family through the events of the fateful day in January 1985 when her mother and two sisters were murdered, he brother the accused murderer/devil-worshipper/pedophile. Sound convoluted? It is, but that is what Flynn does so well.

The chapters vary between Libby in present day and both her mother and brother on the day of the murders.  I had to put the book down several times from the sheer anxiety of it.  I knew the mother would die, but I didn't know why or by whom and every chapter led me closer to the climax, building it in the most skillful way.  It kept me off my axis, while at the same time urging me to keep reading, to find out if Ben was innocent or not.

The book is a series of cliff hangers, right until the end. Every time the reader thinks that they will FINALLY get some answers, the point of view changes, forcing you to reset and learn new facets of the story.  

I have not read Gone Girl, but have seen the movie.  I took it out of the library with Dark Places  and plan on reading it next. I'm sure I will not have to review it as, judging by Dark Places, it will live up to all the hype.

Some Googling has just told me that Dark Places is now a major motion picture! It is set to be released on August 7th of this year and stars some awesome actors such as: Charlize Theron, Nicholas Holt, Chloe Grace Moretz and Christina Hendricks!

So, the long and the short of it is this. If you like mysteries, especially ones that grip you and give you an extremely well rounded view of the events, you definitely NEED to read this novel.

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