Thursday, March 12, 2015

Witching Savannah

Last summer, I went on a family vacation to Savannah, Georgia. We were in Atlanta for my cousin's wedding and couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Savannah is a beautiful city, and while some areas can be a bit dicey - the historic district is safe and beautiful. Plus, it is totally legal to drink on the streets!

Not to mention Riverboat Cruises!
Savannah is a city set up around 24 squares that make for a perfect place to play or relax and add a sense of green tranquility that many other cities just do not have. 

Savannah is extremely rich in history and is often called the most haunted place in America. Souls of Native American Indians, slaves, Confederate soldiers and rum-runners jostle against modern day victims of crime and murder and Average Joes who just couldn't bear to leave.

The aura of the unknown, the magic of Hoodoo and the obsession of the macabre have lent itself to Savannah literature.

The famous novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt about the murder of Danny Hansford by Jim Williams and the famous murder trials that occurred thereafter (it reads more like a travelogue than a murder mystery - for the record) is one such example that most people think of to get a feel of the spirit of Savannah.  I have recently found another...

The Witching Savannah series ( The Line, The Source, The Void ) use the otherworldliness of Savannah as an appropriate backdrop to an interesting series about witches that does not follow the usual overdone tropes, thereby creating something fresh.

Mercy Taylor has thought of herself all her life as being the dud of the family, the "disappointment".  Her twin sister has all the magic, all the glory and all the love, especially that of Jackson, the boy Mercy's heart calls out for.  When the matriarch of the witchy family dies, someone must take her place to keep the line between worlds in place; keeping the demons at bay.

I have finished the first novel in the series ( The Line ) and have moved on to next ( The Source ).  If the second in the series has as many unexpected facets as the first, I'm sure I will be on to number three ( The Void ) in no time!

If you like the supernatural (especially in polite southern society) I would definitely pick this one up.  It will tide you over until you can take that trip to Savannah!

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